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Remembering the impossible Dave Toole.

October 19, 2020


There were two David Tooles in my life.

Dave Toole & Billydog.

There is ‘Dave’. Who was my friend. Who was quite grumpy. The man who had a taste for champagne and chips. Dave who had to climb out of his wheelchair to get through my kitchen door, which meant that by the time he sat down at the lunch table my old dog Billy had already snogged his face off.It was this Dave who tweeted the day before he performed in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony whilst sat in his hotel room drinking the mini bar’s Moet: “To think in 24 hours all this will be over,” That was Dave. Human sized, Leeds through and through.A grumpy bastard. And when he wasn’t in the mood to be otherwise, impossible.

Then there was ‘Dave Toole’. It was this Dave who flew in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony: mighty, beautiful and with a…

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