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Face masks in communal areas have serious consequences for deaf children

November 6, 2020

A press release:

The National Deaf Children’s Society has responded to updated Government guidance requiring all secondary school pupils and staff to wear face masks in communal areas from Monday.


Jo Campion, Deputy Director at the National Deaf Children’s Society, said: 


“Mandatory face masks in communal areas will have serious consequences for England’s 45,000 deaf children.  


“Socialising in corridors, playground gossip and taking part in games at break time are all rites of passage at school, but many deaf children now face a very real danger of missing out because they can’t understand what others are saying. 

“Public health must always be the priority, but schools and colleges must step up and make every reasonable adjustment possible so that no deaf child has to face loneliness, isolation or damage to their mental health. Deaf children have the same right to a childhood as everyone else and this cannot be put at risk.”

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