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Therapy Pony Spreads Christmas Cheer On Coventry Doorsteps

December 23, 2020

An out-of work therapy pony has been spreading Christmas cheer among children.

The American miniature horse called Boo normally visits care homes, special schools and hospitals.

Unable to carry out those visits due to Covid-19 restrictions, she has instead been doing doorstep visits in Coventry.

Owner Yvette Colson said “people would just light up when they saw her”.

“My mum used to have Alzheimer’s and was in a care home and as she deteriorated I used to take Boo in to visit her, and it was the only thing that would make her eat and drink and smile on the odd occasion.”

The paid-for visits were now “fully booked” over the Christmas period, she added, “and when Covid has subsided we’ll be able to get back out there and make the [care home] residents smile again.”

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