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2020: Same Difference Year In Review

December 31, 2020

January seemed almost normal

We met a young boy called Veer

While the world was meeting a virus called Corona

Mostly for the first time and mostly without fear

February seemed almost normal too

We met Quayden Bayles

Corona was in the news now

But still no one was blue

March started out with rising hits

But then things all got a bit

Mad. Corona came to stay

And soon Lockdown was on it’s way

April arrived. No one was fooled

Home had become both office and school

Captain Tom brought us a smile

Walked many miles, for money and lasting fame

May and June passed us by

Thanking God for videocalls, we met Zoom and had to try

To get to know it.

There was some relief in July and August too

September saw kids celebrating going back to school!

We had a little hope in October

Although that Halloween witch, Corona, still wasn’t sober.

November saw hope explode like rockets

Lockdown returned and we sat with hands in pockets.

December saw Christmas bubbles planned

But Tier 4 came instead as hope ran

Out once again.

There’s a vaccine now, on it’s way to one and all

So we can hope to be happier next time Christmas calls.

We have no words to make this bit rhyme so we’ll just come out and say it. Same Difference was with you from the start, readers, and we hope to be with you till the end, covering disability issues big, small and Corona related.

We wish you all the happiest possible 2021.

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