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EastEnders Star Rose Ayling-Ellis Reveals Show Will Further Explore Frankie’s Deaf Identity

February 1, 2021

EastEnders star Rose Ayling-Ellis has revealed the show will further explore Frankie’s deaf identity.

On the BBC One soap, the actress plays Frankie Lewis, who is the deaf daughter of Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and Katy Lewis (Simone Lahbib); the woman who sexually abused Mick while he was in a care home as a boy.

While Frankie is currently caught up in the emotional storyline, Rose recently confirmed the character’s deaf identity will be explored further in a forthcoming plot.

“For too long, TV hasn’t portrayed the deaf experience of deaf culture,” Rose told Inside Soap.

“I think for people who don’t know anyone who is deaf, it’s important to show what life is like for a deaf person.

“Even things such as using my voice and having the audience hear my ‘deaf accent’ is a big step forward. I truly hope that hearing voices such as mine on TV will become the norm. Plus, it’s exciting to have two deaf characters on a major prime-time show.

“Ben’s [Mitchell] experience with deafness is very different from Frankie’s which shows that not all deaf people are the same. Sign language is a huge part of Frankie’s life too, so hopefully you will see more of that.”

She added: “You will get to see more about Frankie’s deaf identity, which may teach the audience a thing or two that they potentially didn’t know, or hadn’t thought about before.”


The comments follow Linda Carter discovering more of Katy’s abuse and Shirley demanding answers over Katy’s ongoing freedom.

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