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Tara Bostock’s Family Call For Research Into LD Covid Death Rates

February 8, 2021

The family of a woman with Down’s syndrome who died after contracting Covid-19 are calling for more research into how the virus affects people with disabilities.

Tara Bostock, 51, from Barlestone in Leicestershire, died despite having self-isolated, her family said.

Research has found people with learning disabilities are more likely to die from Covid.

Ms Bostock’s family described the death rate as “astonishing”.

‘Appalling loss’

Ms Bostock – described by her family as “a joy to be around” – lived with her sister and was waiting for a vaccine before she died on 21 January.

Her relatives said she was “the most beautiful, loving person”.

Niece Rebecca Barnes said people with learning disabilities needed to be vaccinated faster.

“I completely understand the elderly are very vulnerable,” she said.

“They need to be looked after, but there are other people that need looking after as well.

“The figures are astonishing [concerning] how many people are dying with learning disabilities.”

According to Mencap, 80% of deaths of people with learning disabilities in England in the week up to 22 January were Covid-related.

Dan Scorer, from the charity, said a lack of access to health services and a lack of social care have been factors in the “appalling loss of life”.

“People have struggled to understand the complex and ever-changing rules they’ve needed to stay safe,” he said.

Ms Barnes’ family are holding a number of fundraising events in her memory to support two social clubs that she attended.

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  1. February 8, 2021 9:19 am

    I totally agree, the rules are complex and hard to get to grips with when the goal post is being moved all the time. Due to confidentiality I cannot share the things I’ve seen at work, but I am free to say that in my opinion there needs to be a more simple classification system regarding when and where to use PPE. No one should be put at risk at work! When not in work, I’ve seen people unprotected by using wool scarfs around their face. I’ve seen others in see through face shields with no mask (also unprotected) and a whole family not wearing anything in a supermarket, with the kids running around unsupervised. People walk into shops and do NOT get challenged to squirt a little gel on. How can I get my basic needs of bread, washing up liquid, food for our few pet hens when I see others flouting the laws and hear of police not responding to calls for help against such things? I’m thankful and touch wood (my head) that so far I haven’t had this killer of a disease.

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