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What Is Motherhood With A Disability?

March 8, 2021

Life Of An Ambitious Turtle

Disclaimer: This post is kindly sponsored by The Flower Shops in celebration of Mothers from all diverse backgrounds this Mothers Day 2021.

Being a powerchair user with a little one my lap and another holding my left hand as I maneuverer the controller with my right, sparks a lot of attention from strangers. I’m fully accustomed to stares and thankful thus far my girls have never stopped in their tracks because of someone else’s curiosity of the way I operate. That’s how it should be! Stares after all are just that, curiosity. They aren’t always filled with stigma or negative assumptions, more often than not staring is just someone’s way of processing new information, something out the ordinary and many don’t have the confidence to ask someone different the questions that are flowing through their mind.

From pregnancy my priorities were quite different. While other Mums surfed Pinterest to create…

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