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Protect, Respect, Connect: The Full Report Into DNACPR During Covid-19

March 22, 2021

Same Difference strongly believes that all human life is always equally valuable.

With this in mind, we strongly oppose DNACPR orders without the full permission of the patient or, if they lack capacity, their family. This permission should only be obtained after a full medical explanation of the individual case to the patient or the person who makes these decisions for them.

No one should ever feel forced into making this extremely important decision. No one should ever feel as if they have ‘signed their life away,’ as one father whose case is included in this report put it to his daughter on the phone.

Blanket DNACPRs on care homes, age groups or for a group of people with any disability are certainly unacceptable at the highest level in our view.

The report is full of details, many of them upsetting, of cases in which DNACPRs were used during the pandemic. Anyone interested in reading the full report can do so through the link above.

We feel that we must ask an upsetting but very important question. Many of us have seen the upsetting statistics about how much more likely people with disabilities are to die of Covid. We at Same Difference fully understand that many disabled people do have underlying health conditions that would make them more likely to contract a severe and life threatening level of Covid anyway. However, we now can’t help wondering whether the policies around DNACPRs used during the pandemic have played any role in the statistics around Covid, disability and death that we have found so worrying.

We call for all organisations to read this report, and on all medical professionals to never again place a DNACPR on any person without full explanation and full permission.



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