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SEND Coffee

April 26, 2021

A friend of Same Difference recently found and shared the following:


We hire and help people with special needs or Disabilities
into jobs in the coffee industry. As Coffee Roasters, we have access to a wide network of employers who are always looking for good staff.

Providing 1:1 Mentoring over 36 weeks, we offer a barista course like no other. We believe that our learners can’t just enter the job market at the bottom rung, but have to be equipped with skills to overcome the prejudice they’ll experience.

We are currently running our training program from 3 sites: Clarnico Club (Hackney Wick), Curators Coffee (Leadenhall Market) and Hidden (Camden).

Supporting Can Be Simple

There are multiple ways you can support us and our mission.

  • Buying ethically, from companies registered with Social Enterprises UK encourages people to think about the ethics of the companies they are supporting.
  • Buying coffee from anywhere stocking our beans directly supports our learners into employment, and provides a charity with the money they desperately need to support more beneficiaries. 100% of our profits go to our mentor charity.
  • Stocking our coffee at your business in any capacity promotes awareness for people with disabilities and neurodiversity, supporting the inclusivity of the industry as a whole. It also provides you with great coffee and customers with an ethical option.
  • Taking our learners on as staff after their course might provide you with a dream member of staff. With us backing them, they have the advantage of access to a team of extremely experienced mentors who continue their support long after the course ends.
  • Become a mentor site. This is the ultimate partnership, and comes with huge benefits to your business. We provide a full time dream member of staff, who will work in your shop fully paid by us, but will have a learner shadowing them and learning the job 4 days a week. This is something we usually only offer to people we have already partnered with as wholesale customers and meet our suitability criteria.
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