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DNA Kidderminster Hospital

June 22, 2021

Same Difference has received the following shocking and scary story by email:

A well-known activist against Assisted Suicide visited Kidderminster Hospital for a routine pre assessment for an operation to remove a cataract.

Albeit because of Covid and the fact that clinics have been moved to various hospitals around the region i.e. everyone in the Worcestershire Area goes to Kidderminster Hospital for Pre-operative eye screening. They then go to other hospitals for the actual operation which will be confirmed in due course.

The Activist was asked to sign a consent form for the operation and also given a document to “hand to the receptionist” albeit the activist had had eye drops administered and could hardly see the “hand to the receptionist” form it had DNA in several boxes with the option to tick boxes.

The writing was so small approximately 6 to 8 point font.

It was difficult to focus on also beside the DNA it said on some tick boxes end of life path or DNA refer back to GP and various other options with DNA at the beginning of each sentence.

Unfortunately the activist didn’t have a chance to take a picture of the document before it was taken off her by a member of staff being helpful said I will deal with that for you.

The majority of the staff were supportive and helpful however the activist considered the DNA form was a “catch all” document to be used in several areas in the hospital.

Considering the procedure is under local anaesthetic why is the form even used.

The activist was fortunate to have the skill to read the document and will be writing a letter dated and signed before the procedure and will ensure it is on her records before any invasive procedure can be done.

This is to protect her human right to live!

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