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Casualty Star Gabriella Leon Reacts To Jade Lovall’s Exit

September 20, 2021

Casualty waved goodbye to a fan favourite tonight (September 18), as Jade Lovall decided to leave the ED behind.

A poignant episode for Jade saw her realise that she needed a fresh start from the hospital, following two life-changing incidents that had occurred that day.

Jade was thrown to come face-to-face with her estranged mum Susie for the first time in over a year, but her day took a further unexpected turn when she was suspended for having drugs in her locker.

Viewers know that Stevie had actually planted the drugs after learning of Jade’s involvement in her sister’s historical car accident, but the shock discovery left the good-natured nurse’s job on the line.

Needing a fresh start anyway, Jade was left feeling revitalised following an emotional conversation with Susie, who begged them to start again. Emboldened, Jade walked away from the hospital with Susie, excited for their new ventures.

Speaking about how she feels about leaving the role after three years, Gabriella Leon – who played Jade – said exclusively to Digital Spy: “It feels exciting and surreal to reflect on my work for the last three years as Jade on the show. I feel extremely proud of the representation of a deaf character on mainstream television. Especially since Jade is the first regular with a disability in Casualty‘s history.

“Jade will always be very special to me, and what she meant to a lot of the fans. I am very grateful I got to breathe life into her, it’s the end and beginning of a great chapter in my life and career.

“I think it’s a strong end note for Jade. What I love about it is her willingness to put herself first, for maybe the first time in her life – and to realise that she deserves better, when she’s given little choice and is pushed into a corner, metaphorically. She is brave enough to dare to get it, absolutely. Working with Sophie Stone is always such a joy. I was really pleased we got Susie back.”

Explaining her reasons for deciding to park Jade’s journey here, Gabriella added: It felt very natural. I am a big believer with going with my gut instinct, and I felt ready and at peace to move on after three years on the show.

“We filmed a lot of the heavier emotional scenes towards my last few days on set – so I was already feeling emotional and relishing and cherishing each moment. I was surrounded by lots of love and support and it made a really lovely final day. I spent the day just mentally saying goodbye to Jade and the studio.

“My final scene I got to work with some of my favourite cast so that was extra special. Saying goodbye to the cast and crew was really hard – but we’re good friends and keep in touch. I’m very grateful of my time on the show.”

Finally, Gabriella reflected on what she will treasure the most from her time playing Jade.

“Hands down it has to be working with the incredible cast and crew,” she said. “It’s a really big chaotic family and everyone really cares about the work. Struggling to contain laughter in scenes is always a highlight too.

“Getting an episode about a day in the life of Jade’s deafness on the day she meets her birth mother made by a team of deaf creatives, with deaf actors has to be the cherry on top!”

When asked if we could see Jade again one day, Gabriella was staying tight lipped, but there’s no doubt she’s got a very bright future ahead.


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