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Collective Of Neurodiverse Artists Among Nominees For 2021 Turner Prize

October 1, 2021

A group of neurodiverse artists have been shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2021. Same Difference congratulates them and hopes for their success!


Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists and makers based in Hastings.

Neurodiversity is defined as autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behaviour.

They say they explore art through collaborative practice with, for and by “neurominorities” – and their work appears in exhibitions, events, films and online.

At the Herbert, the artists they support are given centre stage. The collective has filled its space with paintings and drawings by the artists, which form part of a physical and digital archive of more than 4,000 works.

They include, among many, Neville Jermyn’s drawing of a blue whale and Darryl Spencer’s depiction of jungle foliage in lush charcoal, titled Collaboration.

There is also a studio for making work at the far end of the gallery, where artists can also meet and share stories.

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