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Music Studio Opens For Young Disabled Adults In Gloucester

October 5, 2021

A £1.8m state of the art music studio that can support young adults with disabilities has opened.

The Hub in Gloucester was set up by the Music Works charity and includes a sensory room and recording studio.

The charity said its targeted programmes will “break down barriers” for those with learning and physical disabilities.

Disabled musician Ben Pollard said the quality of the studio was “insane” and its creation “meant a lot” to him.

The music centre also provides completely mainstream programmes for people who do not have any special needs.

The hub includes recording studios, performance space, broadcast and sensory rooms and a digital suite.

Gloucestershire musician Xenon Bourne had previously used the sensory room to make music in.

“It’s just a nice way to let loose and express yourself in lots of ways,” he said.

“A good party vibe, I feel.”

Gloucestershire musician Ben Pollard, said he has been enjoying using the facilities.

“As a disabled musician I think it means a lot basically,” he said.

“Forget all the other music-based places I’ve been to – this one is just insane.”

The Music Works creative music director Malaki Patterson said: “We have targeted programmes to make sure that those people who may find barriers or challenges to get them into a space, are broken down so they can feel welcome.”

‘Opened up opportunities’

Foundation House, a long-term residential care home for those who have physical and learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries, uses the centre.

Foundation House senior facilitator Jess Hobson said: “There’s so many places that we just can’t access and it could be as simple as there’s just some steps getting into the building or the staff don’t know how to interact with our residents.”

She said the music studio has “opened up so many opportunities” for her residents.

“We have some residents who are non verbal and they’re able to express themselves in other ways by being here, so it’s just an incredible place,” she added.

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