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Online PIP2 Form Offered To All New Claimants From 6 December 2021

November 30, 2021

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.


Benefits and Work understands that the online version of the PIP2 How your disability affects you’ claim form is scheduled to be made available to all new claimants from 6 December, if everything goes to plan.

The digital PIP2 claim form is currently being offered to around 500 claimants a day.

However, all DWP staff dealing with new PIP claims are currently being trained on how to explain the online claims process to claimants. The training is expected to be completed by the end of this week, with the form being offered to all new claimants from 6 December.

Benefits and Work understands that take-up will be optional. You can still choose to be sent a paper form instead. The DWP have estimated that around 1,000 people a day will opt to use the online form.

Members can download a guide to the online PIP2 form from the PIP resources page. However, we don’t know what changes might have been made to the form since we last saw it. So if anyone does take up the offer and can email us screenshots of each page before you complete it, that would be extremely helpful. All help will be on a strictly confidential basis and you can contact us for suggestions if you are not sure how to take screenshots or how to forward them by email.


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