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Room 5 With Helena Merriman

January 11, 2022

Helena Merriman was on Woman’s Hour yesterday discussing her new radio programme Room 5:

Three years ago, BBC radio broadcaster Helena Merriman received a shock diagnosis related to hearing loss after giving birth to her son. This prompted her to explore how people handle life-changing news about their health in a new radio series called Room 5 that airs on Radio 4 this week. Helena joins Emma to discuss the power of resilience.

The first episode of Room 5 airs today at 8am on Radio 4:

‘He was interested in why I was so attached to this penguin’
Bex is at university when she starts feeling anxious and overwhelmed. As Bex deteriorates, doctors are in a race against time to diagnose her. And that’s where the penguin comes in.

In Room 5, Helena Merriman interviews people who – like her – were changed by a diagnosis.


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  1. D F permalink
    September 5, 2022 11:36 am

    A new autoimmune disorder that started 15 years ago and mainly affects young women …. what changed then?

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