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Claimants Facing PIP Delays Due To Lack Of Assessments

January 24, 2022

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.


We are hearing from members whose PIP renewal has faced repeated delays due to a lack of available assessments, to the point that they are now concerned that their PIP may be stopped entirely through no fault of their own.

Even where extensions to awards are being made, claimants are not necessarily being told how long they are for.

One member told us:

“It started in April 2020. I got a three month extension for returning the form, I think this was general rather than specific to me due to Covid.

“The form was returned in June and after chasing for over two weeks confirmed as returned.

“I chased in November and was told that it was still with the DWP but they would now refer it on for assessment, I got the impression that it would still have been with the DWP if I had not chased.

“They also said that the claim would end in February, as scheduled unless a Decision was made before then!

“I’ve chased again, still pending an assessment but was now told that the award would be extended, no mention of for how long, automatically four weeks before it ends, I’m now four weeks from the end, so will be looking for a letter next week.”

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