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Neighbours’ Curtis Saves Shannon As Hearing Loss Story Continues

March 28, 2022

Neighbours‘ Curtis Perkins saves Aubrey Laing’s grandmother Shannon in UK episodes airing next week.

The dramatic scene is part of the show’s current hearing loss storyline, as Shannon (Francesca Waters) denies having issues with her hearing.

The story started when Shannon failed to meet a deadline after Jane Harris tried to provide homeschooling assistance for the recently-expelled Aubrey (Etoile Little). This week, Curtis (Nathan Borg) suspected that Shannon had hearing difficulties, but she reacted defensively when he attempted to bring the subject up.

In upcoming scenes, Curtis still believes Shannon is hard of hearing, and speaks with her again with encouragement from a concerned Aubrey.

Shannon continues to deny anything is wrong, but during the conversation, she doesn’t hear a car approaching from behind and comes dangerously close to being hit by the vehicle. Fortunately, Curtis is there to save Shannon.

Following this, a nervous Shannon agrees to get her hearing tested.

Shannon is told that she needs a hearing aid, but she needs to be persuaded to get one. She explains that she’s struggling to process everything that’s happening and is very conscious about her age.

But Curtis reassures Shannon, explaining that getting a hearing aid may help her relationship with her granddaughter Aubrey. It leads to a breakthrough.

Executive producer Jason Herbison previously praised stars Nathan Borg and Francesca Waters, who are also both hard of hearing in real life, for helping to “tell this story authentically”.

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