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Student With CP Searches For Walsall Voice

April 26, 2022

A student with cerebral palsy is searching for a voice with a Walsall accent.

Daniel Challis, who currently uses a communication device to speak, has appealed on social media for people with a regional accent to help.

The 18-year-old has said he was fed up of “sounding like a robot” and would like a voice with a regional accent in order to sound like his family.

His mum, Sarah Challis, said it would “massively boost his confidence”.

“My communication aid currently has a generic voice which sounds robotic and doesn’t sound how I would if I spoke,” Mr Challis said. “This is why I’m looking for a voice that sounds like me.

“Choosing a voice that I can speak with would mean the world to me.”

Born and bred in Aldridge, the sixth-form student is hoping to find a voice from the town.

He was inspired to launch the appeal after following the career of comedian Lee Ridley, better known as Lost Voice Guy, who last year found a voice with a Geordie accent.

‘Be his own person’

Auditionees are being asked to get in touch with a recording of themselves reading the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Mr Challis currently uses eye-gaze technology to operate his communication aid and speak. The device is preloaded with words that he has to memorise.

There is also an option for him to spell each word in order to form a sentence.

His mum said a Walsall accent would give Mr Challis “his own identity”.

“He’ll be able to sound like his family and the people around him. It will really give his confidence a massive boost.

“He’ll be moving away to a residential college where he will meets lots of new people and wants to be able to speak in his local dialect and be his own person.”

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  1. Kate Joseph permalink
    April 26, 2022 1:33 pm

    What a great thing to do ..offer your voice for someone who can’t project theirs.
    Hope someone comes forward.

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