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Young Ed Sheeran Fan’s Tailor-Made Matching Pink Suit

April 29, 2022

A 15-year-old boy was “shaking with excitement” to have been made an exact replica of a suit worn by his favourite musician for his birthday.

Leo, 15, fell in love with the hot pink suit Ed Sheeran wore in his Bad Habits music video.

The outfit was created by Swindon-based charity Dressability, which makes and alters clothes for people with disabilities and mobility issues.

Leo, who has Down’s Syndrome, also received a video message from Sheeran.

“He’s watched it six times already,” said his mother, Clair, the afternoon the video arrived.

In the message, Sheeran said he wanted to send a video to say “thank you for being a fan”.

Leo’s mother said: “He’s wanted this outfit since he watched the Bad Habits video.

“I looked online myself to find a pink suit that was similar and it was too expensive.”

Clair contacted Dressability, where seamstress Edie Fox fitted Leo for the suit.

“Oh my god he was so excited wasn’t he?” said Ms Fox.

‘Literally shaking’

“He was literally shaking. Mum kept saying, ‘calm down, calm down, Leo’.

“He couldn’t actually believe it that he was finally going to get one.”

“They are amazing, they’ve done a stunning job,” added Clair.

Dressability manager Sharon Tombs said the charity aimed to bring people independence to dress themselves.

“And that can be replacing zips with Velcro or the newest thing now is magnets.”

It also has a project creating “dream” costumes for children with disabilities.

“Something that money can’t buy and that’s made to measure,” said Ms Tombs.

Self-confidence and dignity

She said children with disabilities “often have shorter arms or shorter legs”, and can struggle to find a costume that fits.

“It’s amazing to be able to make people’s lives easier and to give people the self-confidence and dignity to be able to wear something that genuinely fits them.”

The charity relies heavily on volunteers, such as Anne Tuffin, who said she “really enjoyed” creating Leo’s suit.

“It’s rewarding getting the pictures back when you see them wearing the outfits,” Ms Tuffin said.

Ms Fox added: “The first time I came there was a young lady of 15 who wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast and we made her this big gold dress.

“We have to be careful the gowns, the dresses don’t catch in their wheels, that it’s easy for them to get dressed in.”

She said when Leo’s suit was completed he didn’t want to change.

“He said ‘I’m going to school in it please’.”

“It’s a real joy seeing their faces when they have something that they dreamed of,” she added.

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