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GCSE Grades For Critically Ill Candidates

May 31, 2022

My daughter was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia on the 11th of March 2022. She had completed the majority of the GCSE syllabus for her chosen subjects. She started chemotherapy on the 14th of March and also spent 16 days in intensive care. She has completed 2 rounds out of 4 rounds of chemotherapy and has only spent 6 nights at home since her diagnosis.My daughter has sat two full sets of mock exams under exam conditions and had 100% attendance before her diagnosis and she works hard and diligently at school. Despite all her hard work and effort, she has been told by the exam boards that if she is too poorly to sit her exams, she will not get any grades. They will NOT consider teacher assessed grades at all. We ask that the exam boards take into account individual circumstances and award fair teacher assessed grades as they did throughout covid. We are not asking them to do anything which has not been tried & tested.Our daughter & other teenagers in similar situations should not be penalised for having cancer. 
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