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Queen Elizabeth II Lying In State: Disabled Access

September 16, 2022

This information from BBC News is being shared in case it might be useful to any disabled people who might wish to go to the lying-in-state of Queen Elizabeth II.

This thread can be used as a place to pay respectful tribute to HM The Queen, however we politely request readers not to share any political opinions on this topic at this time.

Is there disabled access?

The queue has step-free access and there is a separate accessible route, for those who need it, beginning at Tate Britain. Timed entry slots will be issued to join a queue along Millbank.

Step-free access is available to Westminster Hall for those who need it, and guide dogs and other assistance dogs will be allowed. British Sign Language interpreters will also be available.

Visitor assistants in Parliament will guide wheelchair users and any people with mobility issues (and their carers) along a route to access Westminster Hall.

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