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Disabled Author – ‘Making of Elements’ an Epic Fantasy Adventure

October 3, 2022

A press release:

Joseph Doliczny’s Making of Elements tells the story of the last true kingdom in a world blighted by a deadly curse. With its motley heroes trying to survive rather than seeking glory, as a cult tries to harvest the power that gave birth to the curse, is another nightmare awaiting the Borrowed Lands?

Media Contact:

Joseph Doliczny




UNITED KINGDOM – Joseph Doliczny’s Making of Elements, and the first book in his planned The Borrowed Lands series, not only showcases his expertise as a creative and compelling storyteller but proclaims from the rooftops that his disability is not what defines him.

Fast-paced and with a flowing narrative and characters that draw you in from the start, this author’s decision to ensure his protagonists don’t replicate the standard glory seeking persona seen in most fantasy fiction makes for a welcome departure. It also provides an opportunity for key characters to explore paths and plot twists and turns, that wouldn’t work when applied to a stereotypical hero.

Sharing with readers details of his disability and that his own personal experiences have shaped his representation of the ‘curse’ that is dominant throughout, adds a further authenticity to his tale and resonance to the reader’s appreciation of the adversity Joseph Doliczny has faced on his journey to become a published novelist. From being told he would die by age 25, to now having his own family and book published.

An accomplished and polished debut work of fiction written to inspire others;fans of fantasy literature will be delighted to welcome this newcomer to their fold. They will also be queuing up for future instalments and to learn whether the last true kingdom is heading for happier times.

In a message to disabled readers, the author says:

“Many of the characters are inflicted with a curse, which I have drawn on my own experiences of living with a ‘curse’.  Having developed a rare brain condition during my teenage years, much of the emotional impact on the characters is a reflection of how I have felt. As A disabled writer I’ve included this message in the book in a hope to inspire others.

“I have generalised Dystonia. It is a movement disorder which causes part of my body to spasm. For many years, my condition consumed me. It was all I thought about every day. It became so bad I eventually withdrew from ‘normal’ life completely, until I didn’t leave the house.

“Through spending a long time on my mind set, plus tones of support from friends and family, I became more than my condition.

“I set myself realistic goals to work towards. The first was to walk to the end of my drive, until it became to publish my first novel. Now I am not saying you have to publish a book, but try to focus on the things that make you happy. Do not let your disability define you, as you are so much more.”

Hear more about Joseph’s experiences with his latest podcast – available on Spotify.


The world has been ravaged by a deadly curse. The last true kingdom is on the brink of existence. Can a band of misfits find a cure before all is lost? Embark on an epic adventure with the fantasy novel ‘Making of Elements’. Follow the dark twists and turns as the characters fight for their survival. A once-great union of kingdoms is no more, with the last of the leaders looking to wage war. King Vidal clings to his position as he receives a message from the Collector, a madman who claims to have a cure. He sends his only son across the Borrowed Lands. Prince Zander must succeed if the kingdom is to survive, but also to save himself.

Others from Eldertude are dragged into the Prince’s quest. Erica and Kantra have seen first-hand what the curse can do. Although they despise their kingdom’s rulers, they must help the Prince in order to give their families hope. All the while, a sadistic cult alone in the desert tries to open the tomb of a demon. They believe they can harvest the power which first gave birth to the curse. If the tomb is open the world will be plunged into a new nightmare. Making of Elements is a gripping and immersive story.

Making of Element is the first book of the Borrowed Lands series.

Published by Press Dionysus, Making of Elements is available in paperback, ebook and kindle

IBAN No: 9781913961183 – Available at:

About the author:

Joseph Doliczny was born in West Germany into a forces family. When his parents split he moved to South West England to the countryside. Without much to do, Joseph spent a lot of his time reading and writing short stories. His primary school teacher wrote ‘most likely to be the next Philip Pullman’ on his certificate when he graduated.

Although maintaining a keen interest in creative writing, Joseph went on to study Sociology at University. His desire to better understand different societies and their make-up, drove him to throw himself into his academic work. When he left university, he then travelled the world, visiting over four continents to see his studies in practice. Since then he has had a goal to visit every country in Europe, which he is now 65% through.

His wife Georgina has always accompanied him on his travels and is also a keen reader. When Joseph started writing Making of Elements, she both encouraged and helped him develop his writing (especially with his grammar). Joseph is also supported by his mother, an established author amongst many other things. She has helped give him the belief that he can follow in her footsteps.

Joseph has always had interests in many different genres, but fantasy has always been his true love in the literature world. As a teenager, he developed a rare brain condition named Dystonia. At one point it was thought to be terminal. It took all the support of his family to get him through, but also his passion for reading. Being able to pick up a book in the waiting room or hospital bed and disappear to another world is why he loves writing. He now looks to create that escapism for others through his first book. Also with the introduction of his first daughter, Olivia, he wants to be able to make her proud.

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