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Pay PIP Now Campaign Launched By MacMillan

October 12, 2022

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.


MacMillan has now launched its campaign on PIP waiting times and they are asking Benefits and Work readers to help out by signing their petition and highlighting it on social media..

MacMillan say that:

Pay PIP Now is calling for the UK Government to reduce distressing waiting times for PIP.

“The current average waiting time for PIP for people making a new claim in England and Wales is 18 weeks. It’s unacceptable that people living with cancer are facing a such a long wait to receive the financial support they need, and are entitled to.   

“Each week their claim is delayed, those affected can miss out on up to £156.90. This shortfall comes at a time when people with cancer face potentially catastrophic increases to the cost of living, on top of a significant financial impact from their diagnosis. 

“We’re calling for the UK Government to reduce PIP waiting times to 12 weeks, so that people with cancer get this support when they need it the most.”

As well as signing their petition, MacMillan are asking people to like and share posts about the campaign that you see from @macmillancancer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Share the campaign on your social media accounts using the text:

I’m supporting Macmillan’s campaign calling on the UK Government to cut distressing waiting times for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) down to 12 weeks. PIP must reach people quicker at a time when they’re struggling with the cost of living crisis. Sign the petition now:


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