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Automatic 12 Month Extensions Of PIP Not Happening Yet

November 15, 2022

In a sign of continuing chaos, the DWP has gone back on its undertaking to automatically extend PIP awards by 12 months when a review is due, the welfare rights workers site Rightsnet has reported.

Back in September, we reported that the DWP had officially confirmed that PIP claims awaiting a review would be automatically extended by ‘up to 12 months’ and that, from 31 October, claimants would receive a letter confirming their continued entitlement.  The news was announced in the DWP’s official stakeholders bulletin Touchbase.

However, Rightsnet has now revealed that in a further email to stakeholders the DWP has now said that the scheme will not be up and running until ‘early to mid-December’.

The DWP did say that “’Anyone needing a statement before this can contact the helpline 0800 1214 433 and we will issue a certification of entitlement for proof of their PIP award. Otherwise, claimants do not need to contact us unless their circumstances change.”

The announcement is further evidence of the DWP’s inability to manage its current workload and casts even more doubt on the likelihood of it being capable of safely managing the forced transfer of 2.6 million legacy benefits claimants to universal credit by the end of 2024.

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