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my graduation from health and social care and my kitchen the bowling alley when we were first allowed out and about I graduated from health and social care level 1 1-in 2020 T2 +23 but because of covid they didn’t do the maths.

November 16, 2022

They Didn’t do the normal graduation that year they were concerned about covid spreading so me and my friend and my support work at the time went to a bar instead brand prosecco cocktails and here is a picture of me posing with my prosecco so proud that despite the pandemic challenges that home study I was able to graduate from the core still and also complete my placement actually this world more difficult for me as it wasn’t allowed to be supported by my normal classroom helpers meaning that I was more relying on my personal assistant than ever be able this was because they they possibly message to ordered work that actually even with those with special educational needs like me at the beginning and then we were allowed to go back in in small study group to those of our course and other courses that had disability these challenges were unique and different for everyone 1as will will changing all the time I’m but I believe that if I wasn’t special needs and in education at the time I would be brought and stimulated and very reluctant to you something I believe that my course skill made me remain focused despite all the news that we were hearing at the time from very Johnson and number 10 downing Street because although they had to say things about covered in news reports is forever changing their minds and just be bleak not shining positivity when actually I believe that is disabled people we can so many things from a pandemic such as be able to work more virtually and flexibly from home whether that be in a volunteering role like it is to me or those of us that are employed like I plan to be in the future I may be disabled but this made me more determined than ever to celebrate my son just broke not having Uma graduation don’t we would have had hers covod not be present in England and all around the world this is showing people that they can make reasonable adjustments and they can adapt because it talks them too which for me and those of us that require reasonable adjustments this show them what is reasonable and how unreasonable people and services were being before the pandemic so in a way I believe this tore us all a very valuable lesson how to study without sitting face to face with a tutor even though we can find it difficult perseverance do you study portals more effectively and for me it was showing me how much I could achieve despite the lack of face-to-face in the beginning from a tutor or a teacher you deserve I have now gave my house to social care level 1 children’s only young people suffering me this show me how much I couldn’t leave and how did her I was is well as many other young disabled people in education that I know because yes there was a pandemic but that didn’t mean our disabilities ready to way we were more in we were more dependant drug the more independent because we didn’t have that structure of college day centres and many more services that we were accessed by the pandemic but we gave you so much more and it made us value and that they provide for us activities education and training and placement opportunities I believe that people that use health and social care like myself who are disabled need to be able to get together in the support agency just like we used to and have Christmas parties and things like that because that’s the one that has been spoilt and ruined by the pandemic because CQC are a bit behind on the X and y the rest of the world moves on health and social care and CQC stuck and are not moving on very fast or very effectively at all in terms of letting service users and people that providers support socialise together again which use a a really good networking opportunity for those that use services this is one thing that covered and Boris and his silly rules to the care quality commission created in a way we have more opportunities mystic ones in terms of meeting our needs as well but we have also lost a lot so even though he gained not that I am any other young people I know no would want that from the service provisions like our Christmas parties which we still have not yet had since the pandemic it is now 2 years since we were all ordered to lockdown they need to realise but yes it is still around yes they want to keep her safe but life new song just like any other mainstream person tomorrow moves on it’s just time to move on and stop stop living in the past when it comes to the rulings with the pandemic but here is a picture of me making the most of and still having to wear them today as we speak here is a picture of me making the best of it going bowling and celebrating my graduation with the glasses as deco just like I would if we weren’t go into lockdown and various things like that just enjoying being me enjoying a game of bowley and enjoying a glass of prosecco memories that will last a lifetime graduation that meant a lot to me can you check that I feel like we should be able to take our own now understand what the pandemic is including whether we attend parties but they hold it’s really weird me because groups can do party disability groups but anybody that’s the care agency or a data centre provider can’t this doesn’t mean it’s her one and another rule for another really really doesn’t make them traceable than the rest of the world because we have care so in terms of track and trace they are able to do this more easily the ruling just doesn’t make sense and may need to see common sense in the government to let her have our party acceptor back because I service users of any agency support and care you look forward to and remember come when we’re young to when we’re old and herb memories photographs and and awards that we were given on various events such as may be nominated a couple of years ago for the two of you I still have the certificate for that and still remember the experience treasure the certificate and we plan to put it up on my wall I think rules need to move on with the rest of the world regardless of whether we’re disabled or not this shouldn’t matter we may be disabled and may have to be careful but we should be able to decide how careful we want to be such as if we return leave the rent because at the end of the day yes yes if so put them on people are going to attend but that’s up to people because mentally people may suffer more if they don’t go then they would if they got coded and that should be something that should be assessed trying to client person may support a person they support and the adventures still happen in my opinion for those that live alone especially not just in schemes with the people that they live with because at the moment all that happening is places that are agency run do it in schemes that do assisted living for the people that live there but in terms of service users that live in our communities for many different agencies we do not get our parties anymore this is not fair as to me personally I used to enjoy giving out Christmas cards to the team that supported me that year in terms of in headquarters and and out in the community and this was a central place where we would all meet at which I would give out Christmas cards and was able to assist planning them for many places are used to help mate decorations for parties for many agency but not so much anymore it’s only the carers support charities that tell you to do event anymore it’s not the actual agency or company it’s more the charity that I understand that yes you about but people still want their social events to continue and put an emphasis on that this is because they believe if there are people which use the charity other made of support people happy they will recover properly from covid if they were computer active or at least more properly then if they were mentally depressed or unhappy so please CQC move on with the times. So I think this year agencies that support work showed spread Christmas cheer again and do something else today which rest up at many of my agencies health days with an elf hat elf costume and the lot it used to be anything that me and my support coordinator is used to all grown up in head office as elves for a photo each year for the website things like this need to be brought back I missed elf day so much of the Christmas time is approaching even though I have many more Christmas events coming up making with wacky wheels youth group but I still miss our health days Christmas parties and many more things such as decorating for the Halloween bingo that they normally do for more elderly service user population decorating the agencies training room with spiders pumpkins and many more halloween anything and making all my team dress up in witch hat the craziness that I used to love that has now just been taken away allow us to celebrate like we always did is my message to CQC and local social services life is all about a celebration for us with disability

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