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Fun with Cerebral Palsy visiting East Sussex

November 18, 2022

In July 2022 I visited a placement called Nutley edge in East Sussex where I enjoyed visiting Drusilla’s zoo and theme park where they have an accessible carousel that I could access in my wheelchair. First accessible carousel I have ever seen ncluding people with mobility issues that have to use a wheelchair into the fairground. Well done for inclusivity Drusilla Zoo and Theme Park and please see my tick tock below to see my 2022 break to Nutley edge and the things I got up to highlighting why respite is important to me and why I sincerely believe that things like this should be financially assisted by Social services that provide respite for me and many others across the country because this is a much better way to provide it than any of the centres I have ever been to.

But this isn’t seen as a respite provision that Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas are willing to fund through Health and social care funding. No idea why because I feel much more rested physically and mentally after accessing one of these provisions that I have fund raised for due to the lack of benefit recognition . They do not recognise how beneficial it is to have respite in the form of a holiday instead they put us in centres where no activities are provided meaning that all that respite care is boring and mind numbing increasing anxiety whilst there. This is why places like nutley edge and revitalise should be recognised whether you are part of continuing health care or not because this is not all that respite services cater for. But this is the health and social cares remit which they will fund. We should be supported and encouraged to make our own decisions about where we spend our respite care breaks and should be given a budget to do so especially with the care act 2014 now in legislation. I thought that this was supposed to change care for the better but I don’t see it changing any time soon they do not need to just talk about modernization it they need to actually doing so because for me and many other disabled people it is all just words and no action whereas for me actions speak louder than words.

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