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Jack Grealish England World Cup Worm Dance Delights Young Fan

November 23, 2022

The boy who inspired England footballer Jack Grealish’s goal celebration said it was “the best thing ever” to see his hero perform the unusual “worm” dance.

Grealish scored England’s sixth goal as they thrashed Iran 6-2 in their opening World Cup match in Doha, Qatar.

The Manchester City forward had promised to do the special dance for 12-year-old Finlay, who has cerebral palsy, the next time he scored.

Grealish said after the match: “Finlay, that was for you.”

The footballer met Finlay, who is from Manchester, after receiving a “touching” letter from the youngster referencing Grealish’s bond with sister Holly, who also has cerebral palsy.

The condition affects movement and co-ordination.

Speaking after the England match, Finlay told BBC Radio Manchester: “It’s the best thing ever. I love you Grealish!

“It was amazing because he is my idol.”

Manchester City fan Finlay, whose dad Dan happens to support rivals Manchester United, said he only just got home to watch the game.

“In the morning I injured my leg, so I had to go to A&E,” he explained.

“But thankfully I got back 10 minutes before the match started.”

He said when Grealish scored he was “jumping around, or trying to jump” and he screamed “come on” but he did not think his idol would do the special dance.

“I actually thought he’d forget – but he remembered!

“When he did it I was like ‘oh my God he’s done the worm’!”

Finlay, who plays football at City in the Community, said the whole experience had left him “starstruck”.

“I just can’t believe it. It feels like a dream come true.”

He said his “superhero” was “very inspirational” and the fact he had given up his spare time to meet him had “brought me confidence”.

“I really want to thank him for that,” the youngster said.

He now hopes Grealish will be doing more “signature Finlay” celebrations on the way to England winning the World Cup.

Grealish said after the win: “I got on really well with [Finlay].

“He asked me to do a celebration for him and luckily for him it come at the World Cup.”

Putting aside his allegiances as a United fan, Finlay’s dad Dan said he had a “lot of respect” for Grealish.

“He had so much on his plate; he had just scored a goal for England and he has remembered to do that celebration for Fin.

“Just shows what a legend the guy is.”

As well as thanking his football idol, Finlay also praised City in the Community for providing a place where children like him can play football.

“Anyone with disabilities, they can play with a smile on their face,” he said.

“Before City in the Community, I got upset because I couldn’t really play football.

“When I went there, it just made me happy that I could actually play football.”

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