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John McFall: European Space Agency Selects World’s First Disabled Astronaut

November 24, 2022

There’s been big news from Space. The European Space Agency has selected the world’s first disabled astronaut, former British Paralympian John McFall.

He will be starting by helping the Agency research whether it will be feasible for physically disabled people to go into Space.

This giant leap for disability has had a whole page of  BBC coverage to itself so I am linking to it here.

When I was a child, people I know and love whose children shared my disability wondered whether the loss of gravity provided by being in Space would make it easier for severely disabled people to move.

This thought, the Moon, and Space in general have fascinated me for many years. I wish John McFall all the very best in his new role and sincerely hope he will one day be able to go into orbit- and return to Earth with the answer to my question.

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