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giant robot polar bear in middle of my local town centre.

December 3, 2022

it’s amazing what you see when you just go shopping to prepare for your first Christmas party joke with you today I walk park loads of people smoking and saying hello to a big robot polar bear who was moving around the town where I have never seen such a thing ever before what do weird things you see when you go and get makeup nails and maybe try and find an outfit for your class Christmas party of the year having cerebral palsy is never boring and because of our inquisitive nature we see weird things like this that’s one thing terrible cold he isn’t is boring that is a very strange thing to put in middle of town they tune to see the plug nails that I will be putting on Christmas party of the year on Wednesday thank you thank you call watching my content and interacting with my PO stay tuned to see what makeup and products nails I bought when I get ready for my first party of the jury season on Wednesday hope she enjoys seeing this weird and wonderful thing and maybe you’ll get me this won’t ROBLOX polar bear one day no who knows what you might see next time you go shopping you down the town you might get to meet him and stroke him yourself.

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