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Me celebrating 21 and 25 years anniversary the break with this bye having champagne over the and watching a presentation of some carers that won awards that you watching them get trophies for the dedication today unity and their service to Abbots Care and also for being extra dedicated during lockdown and pandemic. Abbots is 27 years old currently it is been helping people with complex needs for 25 years me being one of them for about the last 16 to 20 years approximately they help people with complex needs elderly frail please with their specialism being complex needs and the care needed for people who are complex needs started out with 3 clients and and support workers when I started it was like this now they have over 1000 clients and have a office in Dorset and other offices located all around the country they have ro and drive books for us there was more of a community when they were smaller I certainly pill in my opinion.

December 16, 2022

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