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sharing competition I would like all of you to design and New year’s Eve Picture.

December 27, 2022

you can also design a private Christmas picture and I will school room decide the best one and then the best one will get an electronic certificate to appreciate their work this is only a bit of time this is only a bit of fun I look forward to see your New year’s Eve interpretations pictures you cannot different art forms and media forms including crayons and many others I will do this to 2.and log your New year’s Eve pictures and I will pick a winner do New year’s Eve once everything goes back to normal I will look to the mall and give you all Pete back in the comments would love to see your interpretation of New year’s 12 the Christmas and also a present if you would like this could be the best present you received the way the present is wrapped it’s basically your interpretation of a Christmas and New year’s celebration

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