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New year’s resolutions and goals for myself and New year’s resolutions for 2023

December 30, 2022

one of the goals is to go to more concert and live music to complete my dov the silver award to go to a summer festival and camp or Grahamp to start my applied science and forensic science course at college and two gaing all skills level 1 by the end of 2023 join me to tick off this goals list and show the world what people with cerebral cause like me can achieve and what we aspire to describe negative attitudes societal expectations that are rather outlandish and rather silly for this modern age and to show them that people like me do not care about their negative opinions we only care about The Prodigy one and only about the people that care about a ticket or girls the people that have preconceived ideas of disability can go away and be sad in their own little world all they can choose to edit Kate and sells about disability and about the people that live with it and about what causative life they can leave with support as part of this I would love is many of you to donate to my JustGiving page as possible this will help me to achieve my goal or passing my D ov and allow me t on employ support and achieve my goals and me able me to do the qualifying expedition.

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