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my favourite present I got and hobby that I will enjoy in the new year and enjoy doing so.

January 3, 2023

I received a diamond crystal art clock that I can decorate myself and put on my wall in my bedroom I love my crystal art and will enjoy passing the time in this way I am currently doing a unicorn crystal art and I need to finish that as the crystal lots are very big but I’m enjoy anything out craft we do crystal or diamond as it’s sometimes called when I am finished my unicorn one I will show you in my art project series that I plan to start I will also show you how far I got with the unicorn so far when I start these series some point next week what I like about art or crystal art in particular is it looks pretty it is not too messy and it doesn’t discriminate anybody can do it whether we use a wheelchair air-con frame or on main screen and you do everything totally independently and it is big enough for me and my support workers to work on it together haha sometimes in other pieces of art is too big for me to have a team member working on it with me but diamond art is good for. me because it’s large it gives me something to concentrate on and like everybody else who . i like the fact that it looks pretty and it is something to be immensely proud of please show me your creations if you are an art person other I would love to see them in the comments.

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