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opinions of the person that are really not helpful or constructed when starting your mu just because they are lazy and cry and disrespect you like if you are a baby York 23 years old and they don’t you use the same as you were 23-year old without noticed ability they don’t you you just need someone who needs assistant away 23-year old save you you like this you are a toddler some of them even poaching you on money so do you want a cup of tea in public and I don’t see to see that you can’t walk that you are not deaf or stupid as cerebral palsy doesn’t affect your internet on its own and certainly for me so it will call you doesn’t affect my internet at all it is a learning disability that expect intellect but not all learning disability can do that some of them han but some of them are just something the individual has to live with ok mum I heard you but this was great as we are not children we are adult in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of we are the same we just use reels instead of leg I will leg whether we use those wheels 24-hours a day like my town or whether we use those real or some of the day like some people with cerebral palsy to to me I am no different that is clearly not how I’m viewed by others this is frustrating and drop call every person would sewable call me in England and across the world everybody with cerebral palsy be respected distain is everybody out respect and respect when they are be spoken to because 30 is also very important to me and not just expecting respect from us but not giving out it it’s making talk to her anyway they want I would be interested to hear your opinions if then you’ve you are cerebral palsy peppers or will chair uses either full-time or part-time would love to hear you on

January 11, 2023

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