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Going to paint my nails awkward now take nail out take nail night out nail varnish

January 12, 2023

lipstick powder and paint lipstick nail varnish and blushes as well well as take sometimes too although I don’t think I will wear tomorrow I will make the evening and I am getting ready because her lovely bit of Google YouTube one of my person along with my Love2Shop for makeup and fashion and yes I have cerebral palsy that price I shocked like drop the same as anybody out and I’m enjoy doing this with friends and family like any other quinti three-year-old yes I’ve got silver cordy but why should people see me different why is it the public you is that you have cerebral palsy so you should do nothing and people give people like me in wheelchairs stairs will be out in public like this there thinking what are you doing here this is why I want to spread the word that I like many other things that other 23 year olds like I just do a lot more of it because I think many of the 22 year olds made like maths science but don’t have the time because they have all time jobs commitments careers and field where is I’m lucky that I can spend more time on my passion so actually in a way I can come lucky to be in this position there is a stigma attached to people who are disabled and are the education because they believe he should be in education and employed as well but this table people in education on our education and employment and wider life so education have been the priority so that we can get called jobs careers and opportunities as homemade Street counter this is why I want to spread positivity and awareness but we are the same as everybody else and should be treated like it and not down on as people who are this table we do the same wear make-up you go out with party and we also good work it experience like everybody else to placement everybody else we just might do it differently differently isn’t to be crowned a prom this is the message that society needs to take note book thank you everybody who is ready awareness with me it’s a different

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