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public bus drivers attitude towards me as a wheelchair user look at that Pokémon keyboard today in my wheelchair the disrespect that they have for me as a wheelchair user

January 12, 2023

play do not realise greatest become disabled everybody disrespect you want to call your back please first driving you so could become the table one day you never know what is around the corner for anybody and please make sure your ramp to work in before you leave the pasta to you for the bath safely and do not be rude to quarter and tell them that they need training because you couldn’t be bothered to check that the rent work before leaving the bus depot just be mindful of our community and people with wheelchairs and walkers that might need to use your best friend and be helpful and respectful little time please I hope you pick this message on board today you know anybody who is above or if you are a bus driver driving for your community because I want to do is water bath with no proper like anybody else I don’t think really that is too much well because we are people we are not yeah equipment to get on and off the bath I had today with the public buses with mood towards me my staff member who was supporting me and embarrassing for the rest of the public that was on the bath he didn’t having a member of the community to get to Wilton and the back without the RAM this is embarrassing not helpful and shouldn’t be happening in this day and age of 2023 get it right and treat us with respect turn to every public transport worker who pick this message on board

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