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GoFundme/Crowdfunding Page

January 18, 2023

Please see the link to the crowdfunder and a picture of what the gofundme looks like on the front page of it. Please donate if you can as every little helps to go on my DofE awards and the support that I will need. My gofundme page is in the fundraising section of same difference, but here is a picture for you to ensure you are donating to the right person if you want to support my cause. Please go over to that section and donate if you would like to as the full page is there. I appreciate every single donation that I receive. I’m very keen to achieve this qualification in this new year of 2023 💵💰. Every little helps and matters to me, please share this post on your social media pages if you can so that we can spread the word and people can be aware of my story and the goal I am trying to achieve. Thank you same difference community for all your interactions and support. Thanks Myah

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