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The most expensive cruise in the world what I thought of the general make up of it and the excursions they have on board their ships.

January 26, 2023

I thought that having fridge space or refrigerated areas the size of 5 regular bungalows was a bit excessive and I think it was just for all the expensive alcohol such as the champagne the rosé and lemonade what do you think. But I suppose if you are rich you can have your cake and eat it. What would you do if you are rich would you go on the most expensive cruise in the world or buy a fast car. I know if I was rich I would live in a place with a spa that could be reached by hoist. I would go to Revitalise which is a specialist hotel for disabled individuals to have their needs met but it is extortionate and is marketed by the price they charge to the rich disabled and not the one who have to rely on benefits and government assistance and are students and don’t yet have a career because they are studying for the career they wish to have.

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