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old-fashioned cooking appliances, when camping we learnt how to put together a old-fashioned stove that has holes in it that look like a salad strainer to me in appearance we had to all learn how to construct it as it comes in different bits and part of it, you have to learn the history behind the old-fashioned cooking stove. It had a detachable handle with a saucepan and a frying pan.“ it looked like a bit of frying pan that we would use in the modern days, even though we haven’t been asked to use these in our qualifying, we have to know the history of them and to be able to identify the different bits of it confidently and be able to demonstrate that we can put one together if we really needed to, if we are we are stuck on top of the mountain although this was where we are not in the second world war we’re in 2023 this is my favourite part of the training so far as I learnt how soldiers may survive in the army using this tool although I don’t know how the food doesn’t taste metallic as every bit of it is metal and stainless steel. both of them that was probably a three add 13 was probably a luxury 100 years ago. it makes me realise how lucky modern countries are now as we can just use electricity when ever we want and put using proper gas mind or electric mines whenever we need to. Although it may cost a lot. It probably cost a lot because in all day and age, it is not a luxury, but it is classified as a modern necessity where is really for survival, unless we are severely disabled or disabled and rely on equipment, a person who is mainstream may not appreciate the cost of living because for them they can live without a bit of electricity or a bit of gas and heating. They just might have to put extra clothes on and it really made me think about why they might not appreciate the real necessity and the effects as well as teaching me. How are the people used to survive.😄

February 26, 2023

what a first lesson was on the school this morning

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