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complex mean even walk in the park on anybody’s cities has no idea about complex mean that we make choices in our have routines the same as an able bodied. Individual complex needs to be extra things like use. And may have to take auxiliary aid with such is Care assistance, assistance, dogs or special cutlery. a support worker or a PA complex needs needs to be understood across the world and rather than the disrespect, the arse with complex mean face every day, because we have lines the same as then we attend college commitment we can have commitment. Where is the perception is that we count people are preconceived ideas of what completely and aren’t very often willing to learn what they are because their culture tells the complex means it’s something bad to be annoying, sometimes aren’t willing to learn that it is not something to be found upon in the slightest that they think you should live their lives in the way, they should leave it and do what they should do and I believe that you’re lucky for the support you were saying if you’re not lucky it is the necessity for those with complex needs for us to be and community, just please educate yourself and complex thank you as many of you are such a difference will understand and I imagine many of you have made and complex disability but this doesn’t smell pass. In fact for me, it makes me more determined to succeed, gain a career and finish my person would be because I know how much Apple iPad to put in to start these qualifications courses et cetera this just passed me on to bigger and better things. Where is nondisabled people aren’t is motivated. I clean my opinion anyway

March 6, 2023

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