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I believe it’s going to be a magic Monday where I get the parcel knowledge and prepare the next generation to leave the sheltered environment of a specialist school with so that they’re prepared and Camron for their futures, rather than it being a shock to them

March 26, 2023

so excited for tomorrow sitting watching helicopter ER of April going to bed #MyOldSchool #MemoriesHypocriteDownMemoryLane #PassingOnMyKnowledgeOfBeingAnAdultWithCerebralPalsyAndAssociatedDisabilitiesAndNeurologicalDisordersSuchAsFunctionalNeurologicalDisorder,SoExcitedTobe able to help the next generation of students that will be graduating very soon some of them in the next two years, some of them in the next few months stay tuned for a day visiting my new school. Talk tomorrow night thank you

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