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March 28, 2023

stay tuned for tomorrow where you will see some of the season is the tiger 58 from my old school at the event titled wanted at yesterday. I will put these up tomorrow when Molly arrives to help me. Take photos of them. #Volunteering #WeCanMakeAContribution #CerebralPalsy #HappyTuesday.IReallyEnjoySeeingSomeOfTheOldStaffThatUsedToHelpTakeCareOfMeIncludingMySpecialistProgramsThisIsThatIHadFrom11Till 18YearsOld,SheStillWorkingAttheSchoolandItWouldBeNicefor her to see me now as a 23-year-old woman who succeeds and gets on with her life because they were part of my own. I hope they gave me contributed to the person I am today. You would’ve seen a picture of me all dressed up for my volunteer job yesterday this morning. Hope you all enjoy your day if you can please donate to me I just giving page of fundraising is still continuing. #CerebralPalsy #Purpose #Oldschool #OhProfessionalsThatUsedToHelpYou #Meaningful just to see how many people that were made by my life for that’s really amazing everybody and read awareness in the future generation of students Theresa school that is what I will do😁🥰🥰🥰

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