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Dreams I Have for My Future Educationally and the Battles I Face with This #Education #CerebralPalsy #GovernmentFunding #ReturntoCollege

April 18, 2023

I plan to return to college to do my Level 2 in Health and Social Care, and will do this whatever the colleges say, I just may have to do it in a different way due to my Cerebral Palsy and the discrimination I will face. I know this because I experience it every year when applying to courses I want to take. I just want to be able to be accepted onto courses and into classes the same as anybody my age would be, but they see my wheelchair instead of seeing me, the career I want to have, the achievements I want to reach, and the qualifications/certificates I have to gain to get to my chosen career. Because of my wheelchair, I am seen as more of an inconvenience to everybody in enrolment teams – no matter what college I go to or what I do, I am seen as an inconvenience. But I will break down those barriers, I always do! Follow me on my journey as I try to get accepted into my next step in education – because YES, I am disabled, but I am NOT stupid.

This is the motto I will live by until I enrol in August and get accepted in September as I definitely feel that my next step is to go the Level 2 Health and Social Care at a college.

I will eventually have the pleasure of wearing one of these and no-one will stop me, because I WILL be wearing one of these one day in the next few years. And not just wearing one, graduating and wearing one, proving the whole world wrong.

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