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Blind Presenter Lucy Edwards Hosts Eurovision Description Show

May 12, 2023

    A blind presenter has launched a new podcast which will include audio descriptions of iconic moments from the Eurovision Song Contest.

    Lucy Edwards, from Birmingham, lost her vision 10 years ago when she was 17.

    Since then, she said she has “missed out” on cultural moments and wanted to describe elements from the competition for other blind and visually impaired fans.

    She hosts Eurovision Described on BBC Sounds with Abi Clarke.

    “Ultimately, when you’re blind or visually impaired, there’s a lot of things online that aren’t accessible to you at all,” said Ms Edwards.

    “We thought it was really important to bring this podcast to everyone who hasn’t seen those moments, has never had those cultural moments described to them.”

    Ms Edwards, who has more than half a million followers online, is a self-described Eurovision super fan but admitted she has not watched any of this year’s competition, hosted in Liverpool, so far.

    “The semi final, my dad always has it on, I’m always like ‘don’t show me’ because I’m so invested in the final, I don’t want the acts to be spoilers,” she said.

    As part of the podcast, she and Ms Clarke have interviewed the likes of Lordi, Bucks Fizz and Scooch and her co-host has described their performances to her.

    “I had vision 10 years back when I saw some of these performances but I’d forgotten,” Ms Edwards said.

    “A lot of my visual memory has faded over the years, so having them described by Abi my co-presenter was amazing, just putting a lot of colour into the performances.”

    She said it was “amazing” to see more televised events, like the Coronation, being audio described to be more inclusive.

    “It brings me to tears when live shows are audio described because I haven’t had that being blind for the last 10 years,” she said.

    “There have been times when I have been shut out from major moments.”

    For the final on Friday, Ms Edwards is planning to enjoy the show with her family, adding her dad normally describes the action for her.

    All episodes of Eurovision Described, hosted by Lucy Edwards and Abi Clarke, are available to stream on BBC Sounds.

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