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Katie Thorpe is back… and her mother’s talking rubbish!

January 18, 2008

My first reaction to this article was a huge sigh of relief, closely followed by an exclamation of “Thank God!” Then I read the article, and I felt like screaming! Why? Because Mrs Thorpe is still talking rubbish! Here are the quotes from the article that I don’t agree with, and my reactions:

Mrs Thorpe said she had received “overwhelming support” for her case from families with children with disabilities as well as from disabled people.

What rubbish! Most girls, and mothers of girls, with CP don’t agree with or support her. Preethi Manuel, Kate Ansell  and me, to name a few!

“We have demonstrated there is a real need for Katie to have this necessary evil taken away,” Mrs Thorpe said.

Necessary evil? Necessary part of being female, you mean. Painful, definitely. Annoying, usually. But evil? Never.

Once again, thank God that Katie was refused the operation. And I have a question for Mrs Thorpe: Would she have liked her mother to have had her operated to stop her going through unnecessary pain and embarrassment? I’d like to think not, but I can’t help wondering if maybe she sometimes thinks that at least that way, she would never have had to ‘deal’ with Katie’s ‘problems.’ Problems that, thank God, my and my friends’ mothers, and countless mothers worldwide before and after them, have dealt and will deal with by simply giving their children the same love, understanding and support that all children deserve…

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  1. Suasn permalink
    May 27, 2010 10:27 am

    Has anyone ever suggested that disabled boys are sterilised? So because women have a disability they mustn’t be allowed to procreate but it’s ok for any disabled boy to get someone pregnant? Please don’t tell me it’s different, I don’t think it is. Of course it depends on the level and nature of the disability and each case needs to be considered on its own merit but I find it offensive that this is never an issue for males. Of course the female has more to do with a baby but surely males shd be held accountable too. Is a boy too disabled to be a father? Just a thought.


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