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Fine Threat For Fake Blue Badges

May 18, 2009

I’m very pleased to read this.

Police and traffic wardens in Lincoln have warned that people caught using disabled parking badges fraudulently could end up with a criminal record.

Officers say they have noticed an increase in offences over the past year in the city and are beginning a crackdown on the practice.

Out-of-date badges, copies and permits belonging to deceased family members have all been recently seized.

Anyone caught using a blue badge in this way could be fined up to £1,000.

Lincoln traffic warden Gary Jacobs said: “We are finding that all too often, the badge holder is not driving or is not a passenger in a vehicle… and this is not allowed.

“We are also finding disabled badge holders are parking in loading bay areas… and they are not permitted to park in them. They will be issued a fixed penalty notice if found parked within the loading bays.”

Pc Jane Pickworth, city centre community beat manager, added: “We are not going to victimise the genuine disabled badge holders but we want to stop the fraudulent use of them.”

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