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Paralympic Hopeful Recieves 5000 Sweet Surprises

March 4, 2010

A County Durham mother is hoping to trace two generous pensioners who gave her disabled son £5,000 – wrapped up in a box of liquorice allsorts.

Lyndon Longhorne, 14, from Crook, lost his legs and an arm to meningitis.

Two years ago he started swimming and is hoping to take part in the 2012 Paralympics. Charity appeal, Limbs for Lyndon, raises money to support him.

Lyndon’s mother, Tammy Shevels wants to thank the pair of anonymous donors personally.

The couple pulled up in a Nissan Micra to speak to Lyndon and told him they had been looking for him all day. They then handed him the package.

He did not immediately realise the money was concealed inside the box until his drama teacher took a look.

Ms Shevels said: “I think it is marvellous. I would just like them to get in touch because I would like to thank them myself.”

She said she respected the pair’s anonymity.

“I am desperate to get in touch. I want to do it very privately, nobody needs to know. It will be done in the strictest confidence.”

The money has been added to the Limbs for Lyndon fund, until the couple contact Ms Shevels and advise her otherwise.

A story to warm our hearts on this cold Thursday morning!

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