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April 1, 2010

Special Schools To Start Accepting Able-Bodied Pupils- Inclusion Now

Inclusion Now can exclusively reveal that from the next academic year, special schools are to be encouraged to accept able-bodied pupils. The idea was thought up by a mainstream school teacher who wanted to give her students practical experience of life with disabled people. The process is to be termed Specialisation.

First Training School For Guide Cats Opens In London- Insight Radio

The first Training School For Guide Cats has opened today in Central London. Considering the proven fact that those without eyesight have a stronger sense of smell, the guide cats will be trained to assist blind people who dislike the smell of dirty dog.

Tea Cures Cerebral Palsy- Physiotherapy Journal

Research carried out by A’Level Biology students at Treloar College has revealed a miraculous cure for Cerebral Palsy. Drinking ten cups of tea a day, all at once and without breathing, is believed to repair damaged brain cells. This discovery is believed to have upset many physiotherapists, who now fear that they will soon lose their jobs.

Bobath Centre For Cats And Dogs With Cerebral Palsy Holds Grand Opening- Bobath News

Staff were recently given a much-needed day off to attend the launch party of our latest project. The Bobath Centre For Cats And Dogs With Cerebral Palsy will treat your pets with great pleasure. The Centre’s launch lunch was attended by the pets of all our staff and human patients, who were treated to a fine feast-a choice of Kit-e-Kat or Pedigree Chum. Later, Sweep, previously of Sooty fame, came in to give us a sneak preview of his new solo puppet show, which was a hit with the dogs but drove human and cat guests barking mad!

The UK’s Number 1 Disability Blog, Same Difference, goes offline- Disability Now

 Same Difference, the UK’s top Disability blog, carries reports today that it is to go offline for good at midnight tonight. Editor Samedifference1 says “This blog was set up as a place for myself and others to rant about the unfairness of life with a disability. However, almost a year after the UK government ratified the UN Convention for the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, the mainstream has been so kind and welcoming to us all that our lives no longer seem unfair at all. So it is with great sadness that I announce my intentions to shut down Same Difference at midnight tonight and join the British National Party next week.”

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