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Respect Party Policies On Disability

April 2, 2010

Disability Rights

There are ten million disabled people in Britain. Respect recognises that disabled people face discrimination, prejudice and social exclusion.

We understand that it is often not the person’s impairment that “disables” them, but the lack of facilities, access and support that is responsible for exclusion.

We are for a comprehensive programme of equal opportunities at work, the outlawing of all employment discrimination and for a greatly enhanced Access to Work scheme that ensures that impairment is not a barrier to employment. We are totally committed to equal pay for disabled workers.

We are against ghettoising disabled school students and believe schools should receive all the funding they need to ensure that disabled school students enjoy educational facilities to the full. Far too few disabled school leavers access higher education. We will ensure that all facilities are made available to allow access to higher education.

Respect is against the stigmatising of those on disability or incapacity benefits. We recognise that the government’s current campaign is aimed at frightening people off benefits rather than investing in real employment opportunities. We are against any cuts in benefit, any new time limits and penalising of those on them.

We are for a complete overhaul of Disability Living Allowance and other benefits, simplifying the application procedure and ensuring that all those entitled to such benefits gain easy access to them.

We are for strict implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act, ensuring that all business, services and public bodies make themselves accessible to all regardless of impairment.

We are for a fully accessible public transport system and commit to investing the necessary resources to ensure that tubes, buses trains and taxis are all available to all who wish to use them.

We are in favour of easy parking access for disabled badge holders in all parts of our major cities. We will ensure that badge holders are not subject to the tyranny of parking penalties and will undertake an overhaul of the present scheme to be replaced by one that uses 21st century technology to ensure tickets are not issued.

We will implement heavy fines for use of disabled parking bays by non-badge holders.

We recognise that for a significant section of disabled people social services care packages are all that stands between them and institutionalisation, squalor and social isolation. We recognise therefore that to be fully independent there needs to be a care environment which is controlled by the service user, with well qualified and well paid staff.

We will reverse all cuts and develop a programme of investment that puts social care to the forefront of public spending.


  • Full equal opportunities at work.
  • Equal access to education.
  • Fully accessible public transport.
  • An overhaul of Disability Living Allowance and other benefits.
  • Reverse all cuts and higher investment in care services.
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