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Claire Khaw’s Thoughts On Winterbourne View

June 8, 2011

I’ve just found Claire Khaw’s blog post on the Winterbourne View case. I’m shocked. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

Also thought some of you might be interested in joining this Facebook group, which I’ve also just found. It’s called Disabled People Against Claire Khaw.

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  1. *Stargazer permalink
    June 8, 2011 6:46 pm

    My God in Heaven right now is LAUGHING at claire kaw, note my deliberately disrespectful use of lower case and non-spelling of the name? Our Father is also laughing at that Re:think person!

    Re:Think’s comment is spurious to say the least!
    Christians everywhere would say, that not only is being smothered a horrible prolonged death – which in it’s nature is un-Christian – but to do anything like that without repentance will not go unpunished.
    That Re:Think person has the right to talk on behalf of disabled-baby murderers ONLY.
    They have no room to talk about heaven.
    Though they’re right, they have no room to talk either of the doctrine of faith – it tells us that the innocent are redeemed – delivered to the arms of Jesus.

    The merciless, brutal and heartless don’t get into heaven, unless of course they repent their sins!
    Repentance is not by blithely saying “sorry God”.
    It’s a process whereby you acknowledge your sin and pay penance, pray for his mercy and healing.

    If you were to smother your baby claire that’s between you and God – wouldn’t fancy your chances of getting past the pearly gates though – snowball’s chance in hell – with THAT attitude!

    It is mine and my Mum’s firm belief, this skewed opinion is held largely by people who have never, nor will ever, know the pain and misery that comes from being disabled and/ or the hardship that comes from lack of support.
    These unthinking, unfeeling people are usually able bodied and resent having to work for their living.
    It’s that resentment that’s led to an upsurge in assaults on and intimidation of disabled people – what we have now come to know as Disability Hate Crime.

    What these fools fail to realise is, with the right support (which cannot always be provided for by the family, in cases of severe disablement or inherited disease) some disabled people CAN become well enough within their illnesses to retrain and become tax payers again.
    As long as where and how they live (somewhere peaceful with no stairs) is conducive to such therapies!
    If only we were diagnosed by stupid doctors in a timely way and assisted in daily living by the same establishment that are making cuts left right and centre but still paying for sandwiches with the crusts cut off for their pointless meetings – we could be living fulfilling lives – not merely existing feeling worthless!

    Thinking is not sinful or offensive – the way those views were articulated is offensive.
    If they would smother their own disabled child is their view and their right to that view is not offensive.
    The fact their view includes the opinion that other people with disabled children should/ would have been better taking the same recourse, says more about claire and Re;think than it does people with disabled children.
    Mum said what’s disturbing is how their views could possibly be seen by mentally-unstable disabled people, how it might cause them to take their own lives – believing that their lives are worthless and they have no place in society. Mum and I sincerely hope that their comments do not affect any vulnerable people in this way.

    I’ve no doubt, parents and carers of disabled children are not only offended but DISMAYED at what appears to be a continuing lack of respect for people with disabilities, their families and the issues they face.

    claire’s blog was an unrepentant, ultra-moronic TOO FAR RIGHT WING rant, of a mindless and inhumane blusterer – with not an ounce of compassion for the severley disabled BUT LOADS FOR “FELLOW” AUTISTIC PERSON WHO REPLIED TO IT’S BLOG!
    I’m sure there are many people that would not stand in the way of claire euthanising herself – for being spiritually, morally and intellectually disabled?
    THE WORLD NEEDS MORE HUMANITY NOT LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S MY OPINION!

  2. *Stargazer permalink
    June 8, 2011 6:58 pm

    P.S. It would be un-Christian to wish them disabled too.

    But that would be the only way they would change their opinion – if they knew that physical and mental pain.
    Having to beg for medical attention, care, equipment and support.
    Feeling like a worthless and inadequate burden.

    I wonder how much love they must have missed out on to think in such a way.
    I feel sorry for them.
    As a Christian I’ll pray for their souls – but in the end it’s between them and their maker!

  3. *Stargazer permalink
    June 8, 2011 11:25 pm

    Sorry – further to the above…………………………

    J.S. Savage had it right, in their reply to claire’s blog, I quote:
    “Disabled people – the use of the word ‘Retard’ surely is only applicable to those who use it – are the victims of genetic flaws. They are not responsible for how they are born or the way their minds develop”.

    It also applies to the way Us genetically-flawed PHYSICALLY-disabled people’s BODIES develop too.
    Does this not also apply also to people with Learning Disablilities like Autism?
    They’re not responsible for the way they are either.

    The undercurrent of unease I’m feeling is getting stronger – can’t let this go – can’t stop thinking about the fact clair whatsherface claims to be Autistic – seeming to use it as an excuse for offending vulnerable people, their loved ones and the too-few-and-far-between people out there genuinely, under alot of pressure, caring for their sick relatives.

    Someone severely Autistic would not know how to turn on a computer; would more likely avoid all contact with machines – with very little or NO concept of interaction and communication – it’s alien and incomputibly distressing to them.

    If Autistic (as she claims she’s been accused of, but makes no claim of a diagnosis and has decided she is anyway) she is high-functioning.
    High-fuctioning or not – I find it odd – that an adult with those long-term behavioural issues (the track record of being accused of Autism) would not have been “high-functioning (and aware) enough” – to bring it to the attention of, for medical assessment by, a doctor?
    Someone found to be high-fuctioning Autistic MAY say something offensive with no remorse, I agree.

    If she had been diagnosed with Autism (and not accused of it) she would be medically supervised and would attend regular specialist appointments/ therapy sessions; for the kind of help Autistic and other people with Learning Disabilities need, to deal with and navigate a myriad of social conventions.
    Conventions like functioning well in a study, workplace or social environment – respecting and appreciating others, and communicating in a way that is better-received than some of the default deliveries of someone with a learning disability.
    Help with understanding what other people find acceptable to communicate, and how they do so.
    With therapy, these skills can be learned and retained – so they can reduce or avoid stressful situations, where people have misunderstood them & the idiosynchratic way they communicate – in the real world AND the cyber world.

    I find it abhorrent that someone who claims to have a (Learning) Disability like Autism, which affects their life, could seriously claim to condone (even potentially incite) the intended death of any severely disabled child – much less their own – and be astonished at people’s reactions – yet respond positively to someone replying to her blog, with Autism herself and an Autistic son, who suggests claire is possibly Asperger’s not Autistic BUT HAS EXPRESSED SHE DOES NOT AGREE WITH WHAT SHE SAID!

    I do recognise I may be making an angry assumption now – it seems to me that perhaps claire is undiagnosed borderline Asperger’s/ Autism with ADHD and/or Manic Depressive/ Bi-Polar or PTSD factors, rather than true Autistim? It would account for her inability to control her emotions and how she expresses. It would also account for her responding positively to someone who expressed empathy with her but not to someone who does not acknowedge the reasons she gives for her extreme views.
    Only listening to or seeing what SHE WANTS TO.

    A bitter and unhappy but intelligent/ articulate Manic Depressive with borderline Asperger’s/ Autism, would I think be much more adept at formulating and conveying such an argument (from only their perspective) and defending their views/ responding to critics.
    Maybe borderline Asperger’s IS the cause of her inability to think of others when she opens her mouth or types on a keyboard? I’m not a doctor!
    Generally people with Asperger’s are not so much what we’d call accessibly intelligent – while they have a big brain for facts, they are lacking in the finer skills of communicating those facts, their views, accessing and demonstrating what they’ve learned (“IQ”) – which makes other people think they are thick or un-intelligent.
    With proper and continued support these things can be ironed out – if not always – to nearly flat.
    True or severe Asperger’s/ Autism affects many more things than communication – things like ability to tell the time, tie shoe-laces, make rational arguments and accurately assess/ pre-concieve situations, like how she would deal with a disabled baby.

    Fancy any human being condoning/ suggesting the killing of a severely disabled infant?
    People with DIAGNOSED Learning Disabilities and/ or mental illness are monitored:
    prior to, throughout pregnany AND post-natally – to prevent such tragedies froom happening.
    claire kwar being so certain she would kill her own infant should it be disabled, is an indication to me of only borderline Learning Disability, with what seem to be extreme Manic/ Depressive tendencies.

    With this in mind, shouldn’t she therefore be able to rationalise; there is always the option for her to (once identified through amniocentesis and other tests) euthanase her disabled foetus, rather than murder her very own disabled new-born?

    I’ve rightly or wrongly decided from her blog that she is not, in my opinion, Learning Disabled, or indeed at any disadvantage whatsoever. She has the temerity, the gall, the audacity, to throw Autism in the mix as an explaination/ excuse for her deliberately hurtful and negative viewpoint of severely disabled children and their families.

    She’ll be glad to know I’m seeking fertility IVF treatment with PGD – to isolate and exclude the faulty gene I got from my beautiful, loving, wise and amazing long-term sick and disabled Mum – so my only child will not end up like me – I am NOT however doing it for the benefit of the likes of HER.
    I DO NOT RESENT MUM FOR MY FAULTY GENE. I am still a worthy human being – SO IS SHE.

    I am doing it so my son or daughter won’t inherit the gene, that has taken me from a sport-loving, out dancing every weekend painter & decorator, who earned her own money and cared for her poorly Mum, but owing to incompetent GP’s ignoring severe pain and debility for 4 years, have become someone who is now so disabled, I will not be physically or mentally ready for non-strenuous part-time work for at least the next ten years.

    With help from my genetecist, I will be able to have the faulty gene, that most of my family on Mum’s side have been crippled by, identified not just for the IVF PGD, but for my elderly Mum and Auntie’s, my Cousins and my Nieces – who are still to this day battling against being ignored and allowed to suffer a myriad of complaiints – owing to the general ignorance and indifference of the NHS, the Welfare State and Society as a whole.
    With that gene identified, we’ll no longer be seen as liars/ fantasists/ hypochondriacs.
    Our illnessess will be validated and so will our entitlement to help.
    My child will not have to go through years of suffering, being ignored, marginalised and forgotten by society – my child will be able to spread their wings and be free.

  4. June 11, 2011 2:17 pm

    “Our illnessess will be validated and so will our entitlement to help.”

    Ladies, have you heard of the expression “a Culture of Entitlement”?

    • *Stargazer permalink
      June 15, 2011 2:36 am

      Yawn………………tablet time……………………


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